Enjoy unbeatable views of Sydney with a must do Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb! Venture to the top of this iconic landmark, and witness the stunning city skyline from a whole new perspective. With the ability to choose the time of day you wish to climb at, you can witness Sydney by day, twilight or evening! Opt for the day climb and you will witness Sydney in its prime, as locals and tourists bask in the sun, others enjoy a bite to eat, and the city is in full swing. Choose the twilight time slot and watch as the city slowly switches off below you as the sun begins to set, workers begin the journey home, the ferries commence their final travels along the harbour and the city transforms from full of action to a much slower pace. Finally, decide on the evening climb and watch as the city shines from the assortment of lights brightening the city.

Join the professional climb leaders today for a Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb and enjoy a moment in time you'll never let go of.

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Name: Jane Hardie
Company: Bridge Climb Sydney

"See Sydney at its best - take the Climb of Your Life with BridgeClimb Sydney. From its fascinating underbelly to its summit, 134m above the Harbour, the Bridge is the pride of Sydney."

Top tips

"Be vigilant of the forecasted weather conditions on the day of your climb. During summer, you are advised to wear minimal clothing under the climbers suite, while in winter a light a layer of clothing is advised."